Young Investigator Award

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The Society of Infectious Diseases (Singapore) was founded in 1990 to promote the practice, education, training and prevention of infectious diseases. Institut Mérieux was founded in 1897 and is based in Lyon, France, is a globally important company in the field of infectious diseases.

This year, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Society of Infectious Diseases (Singapore) and Institut Mérieux Young Investigator Award (SIDS-IM YIA).

The objective of this award is to support the academic work of a young investigator in the domain of antimicrobial resistance in Singapore. This annual award is valued at €10,000 and applicants fulfilling the following criteria are invited to apply.

(1)   Significant work undertaken in Singapore in the domain of antimicrobial resistance, which may be clinical infectious disease, microbiology, epidemiology, public health, infectious control or antimicrobial stewardship

(2)   Clinicians working full-time in a public hospital or research institution in Singapore

(3)   Are within ten years of obtaining their M.B.B.S or Ph.D

All applications will be assessed by a review panel comprising prominent local experts from different institutions in Singapore and the results of the review panel will be sent to the Scientific Board of Institut Mérieux for confirmation.

The successful awardee will be presented the award at the annual academic meeting of the Society of Infectious Diseases (Singapore) or any regional or international conferences organised by the Society. The award will be disbursed to the institution where awardee works and may be used to fund pilot work, presentations at international conferences or publications fees.

This call for applications will close 6 weeks from the date of this announcement on 26 July 2017.

Instructions for Application: 

  1. Please click here to download the application form. 
  2. Submit the completed application form (inclusive of a letter of support) as an attachment to