Regional Grand Round: Infections in Liver Transplantation at The Liver Transplant Symposium 2017 - 27 October 2017

The Liver Transplant Symposium organised by National University Centre for Organ Transplantation is held annually, in partnership with The International Liver Transplant Society (ILTS).

SIDS members are invited to submit cases for the Regional Grand Round pertaining to challenging cases of Infections in Liver Transplantation. Selected cases will be discussed in depth by a panel of senior ID physicians from NUH, TTSH and SGH. This event will be held on the 27th of October (Friday) from 9am - 12pm at Tower Block, NUH.

The purpose of this event is to increase interest, and bring together our knowledge and expertise in this ever-changing and challenging field of ID. Residents interested in ID, Senior residents and Associate Consultants may use this event as an opportunity to practice case presentation skills, in preparation for similar competitive events held at international meetings. Additionally those interested in Transplant medicine should make use of the specially discounted rates for SIDS members to attend the comprehensive Transplant Hepatology Workshop later the same day and the main Symposium following on the weekend.

Discounted rate for SIDS members:
Regional Grand Round (27th Oct AM session): $80
Regional Grand Round (27th Oct AM session) + Transplant Hepatology Workshop (27th Oct PM session): $150
Regional Grand Round + Transplant Hepatology Workshop + Main symposium (28th/ 29th Oct): $280

More details are available on the website:

Alternatively contact Gail Cross (, +65 83280377) for any queries.

International Congress of Chemotherapy and Infection, 24-27 November 2017

ICC 2017 will bring together over 3,000 attendees including professionals and experts from all over the world to overview the latest developments covering the entire field of infectious diseases, antimicrobial chemotherapy, infection control, and clinical microbiology, to share their experience, ideas and best practices, and to discuss emerging issues facing those involved in this filed. Also, the congress provide a range of opportunities to network with world renowned speakers, as well as to meet with new friends and old!

Please click here to go to the ICC 2017 website. 

International Symposium Antimicrobial Agents and Resistance, 14-16 September 2017

ISAAR is the most representative international meeting on antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases in the Asia-Pacific region, which has been hosted by the Asia Pacific Foundation for Infectious Diseases (APFID) since 1997. ICIC has been hosted by the Korean Society of Infectious Diseases (KSID) and 11 domestic academic societies since 2013 to strengthen multidisciplinary collaboration on infectious disease both domestically and internationally .

At 20th anniversary of ISAAR in 2017, APFID and KSID will co-host the first joint meeting of ISAAR and ICIC to provide a new insight into various issues on infectious diseases and AMR. ISAAR & ICIC 2017 will provide a variety of programs on important recent topics such as the current major issues in infectious diseases and AMR, new antibiotics and vaccines, infection control, and emerging infectious diseases. The joint meeting will expand the scope of programs and topics encompassing microbiology, clinical infectious diseases, epidemiology, genomic medicine, biotech development, and international policies and strategies to combat infectious disease threats. Many academic societies in the Asian region will join the meeting as supporting societies and pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and biotech companies will also be a part of the joint meeting.

Please click here to go to the ISAAR 2017 website. 

Singapore International Infectious Disease Conference, 24-26 August 2017

After the successful inaugural conference in 2015, SIIDC returns on 24th to 26th August 2017. Themed Changing Paradigms in Infectious Diseases SIIDC 2017 will bring together a plethora of knowledge of clinical and scientific topics from zoonotic to vector-borne diseases, respiratory infections, current and emerging pathogens, and innovation in research and development of infectious diseases. The conference aims to address current gaps, new challenges, and research breakthroughs through a compelling line-up of presentations from renowned and leading speakers in their fields.

Please click here to go to the SIIDC 2017 website.